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Scrap Booking

Scrap booking is a great way to spend the time at home. It can be a good bonding activity looking for pictures together, cutting and pasting them into a scrap book page. Let’s start one Read more…

Help Chart

Children who help around with house chores learn important life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Not only they learn to be responsible, but they will also learn organizational skill. Knowing that they Read more…

Learn About Feelings

To be able to express their feelings better, children need to know how to identify the feelings first. Teach your children to identify the feelings such as happy, sad, angry, scared or mad. The ability Read more…

String Telephone Project

String telephone is a fun way to teach your children the science of sound waves. See them in awe at the magic of listening to their dad’s voice from the cup on their ears. Tell Read more…

Paper Weaving

Do you have old magazines or newspapers laying around? Why not turn them into works of art by weaving them into a placemat or a piece of art deco?⁠ ⁠Not only are you repurposing the Read more…

Repurposing Old T-shirts

Repurposing used materials is one of a way to teach children about recycling and not wasting. Children learn about saving money as well as saving the earth by reducing garbage in the landfill when they Read more…

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