String Telephone Project

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String telephone is a fun way to teach your children the science of sound waves. See them in awe at the magic of listening to their dad’s voice from the cup on their ears. Tell them about the telephone invention, how it was a long time ago, before it becomes wireless like it is now.

String telephone is a best way to teach your children that big ideas and technologies usually start small. This way your children will feel encouraged to persevere when trying to do something which they find difficult, and not to be easily discouraged with failure.

Let’s make string telephone. To make a string telephone, you need to prepare 2 paper cups (or cans), a string of about 5 meters long (actually 20 meters will also work so up to you!) and 2 paper clips.

Poke a hole in the centre bottom of both cups. Thread one end of the string through the hole of the cup from the bottom and tie the end of string to the paper clip. Do the same with the other cup using the other end of the string. Now you are done! Teach your children how the telephone works and let them try.

(Photo from Alimkids Bukit Jelutong. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)