Scrap Booking

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Scrap booking is a great way to spend the time at home. It can be a good bonding activity looking for pictures together, cutting and pasting them into a scrap book page. Let’s start one for the children!

Ideas/themes for scrap booking for children:

1. My Favourite Food- Get pictures of all things that are used to make their favourite food including all the utensils, pan and pots or appliances!

2. My Family – Help the children create family trees, then print photo for each family member and paste inside the scrap book.

3. Animals I Would Like to Keep As A Pet – Let the children be creative here, let them imagine having all sort of animals in the house as their pet. The scrapbook can represent the house, with each page designated as a room for each pet animal.

4. Places I Want To Go

For Holiday – Get the pictures of places of interest that are at the destination, vehicle used to transport them there, what clothese to bring, etc. Let the children be creative!

Children love paper cutting and using glue to paste. Scrap booking will definitely be loved by them. It can also be kept as keepsake that can be used to recall good memories in the future.

(Photo from Alimkids Puncak Alam. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)