Learn About Feelings

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To be able to express their feelings better, children need to know how to identify the feelings first.

Teach your children to identify the feelings such as happy, sad, angry, scared or mad. The ability to identify and name a feeling can help your children express it better rather than throwing a tantrum and having a meltdown.

Use pictures to teach about feelings to the children, or be creative and use balloons by drawing sad, happy, angry or anxious face on the balloons.

You can also demonstrate with your own facial expression as long as the children understand about the feelings and its name.

Help your children express their feelings by drawing sad, happy, angry or anxious faces. You can use a superhero face to make it more interesting. You may use the icon on the smartphone for them to copy.

Once they know and understand about feelings, always use it to point out their feelings, for example, when they are happy, tell them that you can see that they are happy. When you sense that they are feeling sad or mad and about to throw tantrum, ask them if they are feeling sad or mad, and why.

Through this, we can discuss with the children on how to manage these feelings better.

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