Story and Craft

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Everyone loves to hear a good story! ⁠

⁠Grab a good book and read with your children. To add on to the fun, do some art and crafts related to the story.

What are the suitable books to read with your children?⁠

One tip is to find books which are of current interest to the child. If they are into airplanes, find books with stories related to airplanes or characters which are airplanes. If they are into dinosaurs, find books that have dinosaurs in the story. You may also look for books with their favourite TV or movie characters. Having these characters in the book will keep them curious and want to know more about their favourite characters. ⁠

You can also look for books with good values that you want to instill in your children.⁠

One way to enhance the children’s understanding of the stories that they listened to, is to do arts and crafts related to the topic. For example, if the story was about animals, do masks of the animals and have fun doing pretend play! Be creative and use your imagination. Most importantly, take this as a valuable time to spend with your children.⁠

How To Make A Lion Mask⁠

What you need⁠:

  1. 1 Paper plate
  2. Yellow and orange colour papers⁠
  3. Scissors⁠
  4. Tape or glue⁠

How To:⁠

  • Cut the inside of the plate.⁠
  • Cut strips of yellow and orange papers about 10cm long.⁠
  • Glue or tape the strips around the plate to create the mane.⁠
  • Pretend you are a LION!

(Photo from Alimkids Bukit Jelutong. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)