Cloud Doh Fun

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According to Good Start Organization of Australia, the use of sensory play can help develop build positive pathways in their brain. (

Playing with cloud dough is a type of sensory play. Cloud dough has a smooth and silky texture which is great for touch sensory experience for the children. Its texture also allows it to be squeezed, pressed, shaped and moulded by the children’s hand.

To play, put cloud dough (recipe below) in a big enough container. Prepare small toys such as car toys, animal or dinosaur figurine and small shovel and rake. Let the children play as if they are playing on the sand by the beach. 

Cloud dough recipe:

– Add 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of cooking oil or baby oil in a container.
– Mix with hand until it resembles soft and moist bread crumb.
– Cloud dough can be kept for future use by keeping it in a closed container.

(Photo from Alimkids Bukit Jelutong. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)