Letter Collage

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Children learn better through play, in other words, they learn better if they are having fun while learning. Letter collage is one of the activities that can make learning about the alphabet more fun. According to the website of Very Well Family, collage teaches cause and effect. It also allows for reinforcement of concepts when done in a more guided, structured way. Collage also has plenty of art process and also allows for a finished product (https://www.verywellfamily.com/making-collages-with-toddlers-289710). In this case the finished product will be the letter of the alphabet.

To do letter collage, first prepare a plain paper, draw outline of a letter (roman or arabic letter). Then get few colourful papers, tear into small pieces (or ask the children to tear those papers) and let the children glue them onto the letter outline that had been drawn previously, filling the letter outline.

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