Hoop Train

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Playing hoop train encourages children to learn to be cooperative with their friends. This is because the only way to make sure that the train “coaches” stay together on track is to have everyone moving in the same direction and pace.

According to Healthline Parenthood website, cooperation is an essential life skill that children will use at home, at school, and in the community as they grow (https://www.healthline.com/health/childrens-health/cooperative-play)

To play the game, get a group of five children. Prepare 3 hoops where two children will be sharing one hoop. They must be inside the hoop with the hoop held at their waist level. The children connects with the other hoops by holding both their hoops together. Have one leader in one hoop to guide the way! Choo Choo Choo!

(Photo from Alimkids Bukit Jelutong. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)