Bubbles In A Bowl

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Children always love to blow bubbles. Prepare a bowl, squirt a little bit of dish soap and add about 2 to 4 tablespoon of water. Give the children a straw each and let them blow the soapy water until they can see bubble forming.  [IMPORTANT: make sure the children are able to blow out using the straw to avoid sucking in the soap water]. 

In order to make the bubbles form, they need to control their breathing, that is how much force they need to blow, and how to regulate their breathing.

According to Bounce Back Parenting website, blowing bubbles stimulates deeper and more regular breathing which will naturally calm the children’s mind (https://bouncebackparenting.com/calm-down-kids-blow-bubbles/)

(Photo from Alimkids Cyberjaya. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)