Furry Caterpillar

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Caterpillar arts and craft is a great way to teach children about caterpillars which are actually baby butterflies! This is an opportunity to teach children about the butterfly lifecycle. According to Katie Christiansen a veteren preschool teacher in her website https://preschoolinspirations.com/teaching-children-life-cycles, teaching children about life cycles is a perfect way to help them understand the world around them and to connect them with nature.

How To Make Furry Caterpillar

– Glue
– Clothes pegs
– Pom poms
– Googly eyes

1. Glue the pom poms on the peg using alternate colors.
2. Stick the googly eyes on the first pom pom.
3. When dry, the kids can play with it.

(Photo from Alimkids Putra Heights. Contact us here for more info about our Alimkids centres)